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A nonprofit educational farm in the heart of Boulder, Colorado


What We Are


Founded in 2014 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational farm, Dharma's Garden has since grown into a thriving center of connection within the local community.  Here, people are connected to each other—through meaningful work, seasonal festivals, and social activities.  Just as importantly, people are connected to the natural world—through educational programs, hands-on activities, and immersive experiences.


Through our productive market garden, innovative CSA program, lively Saturday market, popular seasonal festivals, and diverse educational programs for adults and children of all ages, Dharma's Garden pursues a mission to demonstrate, educate, and inspire others to take on the important work of tending the earth.


Dharma's Garden brings a direct connection to sustainable agriculture right into the heart of the city, fully integrated with the community, accessible and inclusive, offering freely to visitors an immersive experience that is all but lost in the modern world today. Using organic, biodynamic, and regenerative agricultural practices, this living homestead serves as a model for ethical land stewardship, with wild areas and cultivated areas both integral to the whole.


What We Offer

We grow many different kinds of fresh vegetables, herbs, and flowers — and duck eggs, too!  We sell directly from the garden at our weekly seasonal market, in addition to our innovative CSA program.

Click here for a current list of what we're growing.

We offer seeds and live plant starts in the spring, and various other products throughout the year including herbal products (salves, bath salts, etc), and a limited selection of canned or prepared foods (as allowed by Colorado's Cottage Foods law)

We also offer classes & workshops, youth camps,  apprenticeship opportunities, and seasonal events.


Where to Buy

We are a non-profit project supported by donations from our members.  Most of our products and services are offered directly on-site and available only to members — though anyone can become a member!  

An annual donation serves as membership fee.  A minimum of $50 is suggested, but can be as little as $1 for those who need to pay less. Those who can afford to offer more help to offset the cost of those less fortunate.

Members have access to our weekly market during the summer, discounted classes and workshops, and opportunities to participate in fun events and garden activities throughout the year.

Members also have the option to sign up for additional CSA-style shares of the harvest (we do ours a little differently).  For more information, check out our membership page.

Ready to Join?


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Our Story


Dharma's Garden is situated on a 5-acre parcel of land traversed by Wonderland Creek in northwest Boulder, Colorado.  Sheep grazed this land in the early half of the 1900s, and it has been largely untouched since then.  Boulder native Timothy Francis settled onto the land with his wife, Kerry, in 2014 and cultivated a half-acre garden with the intention of sharing some of its magic with the surrounding community, as well as the wider world.  We love this land and hope that it might be protected from encroaching developments and preserved in its entirety for generations to come.  Here on this land, in our own small way, we strive to embody a larger vision for humanity as a whole:  That we might all live together on the planet in meaningful participation with the natural world around us.  That our children may all grow up knowing where food comes from.  That people of all ages and occupations have the chance to put their hands in the dirt.  That each of us can plant a seed and wonder at the magic of it all - the immense and beautiful mystery that is unfolding around us in every moment.

We hold the intention of creating a working educational garden that might operate here in Boulder in perpetuity.  We invite our friends and neighbors to participate in realizing this vision.  Dharma's Garden is a project of Four Kingdoms Council, a non-profit organization.

- About Dharma the Deer -


"Dharma" was the name given to a baby deer born on this very same land in 2011, to the wonderment of the kindergarten students next door.  We think of him every time we walk through the meadow grasses around the garden. We hope Dharma is still happily scampering around the wild somewhere near.

- About Us -
Timothy Francis


Tim is our resident garden manager and director of the Dharma's Garden project.  A lifelong gardener, landscaper, and nature lover, Tim studied biodynamic farming under Jim Barausky here in Boulder.  Before Dharma's Garden, Tim worked as the garden manager of Koanga, a permaculture institute in New Zealand.

Kerry Francis


Kerry Francis helps to tend the garden, care for the animals, run the weekly market, answer emails,  post pictures to social media, and a gazillion other things that constantly leave Tim in awe of his wonderful wife.  Kerry is a lead preschool teacher at Boulder Waldrof Kindergarten, as well as an editor, birth doula, and so much more.

Oki & Zeeko


Our resident canines help watch over our land and all of its creatures, and provide us with endless love and entertainment.

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