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Hire Our Crew

Dharma’s Garden is excited to announce the launch of a new venture... the DG Crew is now available for hire!

Running a farm requires the mastery of a vast array of different skillsets, and we are proud to offer the knowledge and experience of our talented staff to homeowners and businesses in the Boulder area.

We offer a range of expert services, including:

  • Tree Pruning (ISA Certified Arborist)

  • Gardening & Grounds Maintenance

  • Fences & Light Construction

  • Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair

  • Landscaping Installation & Design

  • Urban Farms & Permaculture

What Sets Us Apart

We are not your typical landscaping company.  Through years of on-the-job application, we have developed a diverse range of experience and knowledge with which others companies can’t compare.  With extensive experience in professional landscape design and commercial farm production, we bring practical,  real-world solutions to the table.  From ISA Arborist credentials to Permaculture Design certification, we bring a wealth of professional training to our work.

For social profit, not personal profit.

We are owned and operated by a Boulder-based nonprofit.  Not only do the proceeds from our services go to support the nonprofit in carrying out its mission, but we also educate, employ, and integrate young adults from our local community into our workforce.  This provides positive, meaningful work experience that is far too rare for youth in today’s world.

A holistic approach to land use.
We integrate whole farm concepts into projects of any scale, including back yards.  We pride ourselves on working with existing systems and rhythms—whether natural or human—when planning and executing projects.  In essence, we are mediating a conversation between the land owner and the land.

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