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Dharma's Garden Membership

Please read the following and then fill out the membership form below.

Whether you are near or far, membership is an expression of support for the garden and a gesture of engagement with community. Membership extends to everyone in the same family or household. All members make a donation when signing up, which is considered your annual membership "fee". There will be additional opportunities to donate throughout the year.​

What's Different with Veggie Shares (CSA) in 2021?

In years past, some members would purchase a Veggie Share in addition to their membership. But this year, our Veggie Share model is extended to ALL members! That means that every member will be welcomed to take whatever produce they need at our weekly onsite market which begins in June. Memberships are donation based, meaning YOU decide what it's worth to you to have fresh veggies from a little farm in your neighborhood.

In the spirit of true sharing, all Dharma's Garden members are welcome to take home from the Saturday market as many of the fruits and vegetables as will fulfill their needs that week. We ask only that you use what you take home, so that nothing goes to waste. ​

We are trying to inspire a "TAKE what you NEED, and GIVE what you CAN" model where our relationship with one another and with the land is primary. Instead of a commodity-based, transactional system in which a bunch of carrots is worth a fixed amount, we instead welcome you to donate in support of our vision and of our work stewarding this land. In gratitude for your support, we will offer you the abundance that the land produces every week, and you are free to receive those gifts, over and over, throughout the harvest season.

​For this model to work, it is important that those of us who can afford to do so, give generously. In order to cover the significant costs associated with tending the land to produce this shared abundance, we rely on the generous contributions from our community.

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