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Do something truly meaningful with your money.

With your generous support through charitable gifts or impact investment,
we can raise the capital needed to purchase this property and protect this land in perpetuity.


We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to protect one of the most unique parcels of land in Boulder and make a lasting impact on the community for generations to come.

So that our children can learn ethical stewardship of the land
So that our community can be nourished by healthy food grown within the city limits

So that we might protect something of true value for future generations

If we don't act NOW to secure the land, Boulder will lose forever this incredible community asset.

Our Proposal/Ask: We have the opportunity, right NOW, to secure this land permanently through our nonprofit, and protect it in perpetuity for the benefit of future generations. To finance the purchase of this unique five-acre parcel of land, we are seeking charitable gifts from generous individuals. In those instances where outright giving is not possible, we offer an impact investment opportunity to finance the purchase of the property.  This loan, backed by the deed of trust of the property, would provide our 501(c)(3) nonprofit with enough time to raise the funds needed to secure the property permanently and develop Dharma's Garden into a full-fledged educational farm and living homestead in our community. Please see term sheet below for details.

Our Goal: Ultimately, our goal is to raise $6.5 million to purchase the property, pursue a conservation easement, fund the construction of a community educational center, and establish an endowment for future operational support. In the immediate short term, a minimum of $4.5 million is needed to purchase the property and pursue conservation easement; within a 5-year time frame, an additional $2 million is needed for the community center construction and endowment.


Our Progress: To date, over $700,000 has been pledged from more than 180 individuals.

Our Vision: The preservation of a demonstration farm and working homestead within the City of Boulder, in perpetuity, with far-reaching positive impacts on the surrounding community, for generations to come.


Our Mission: We offer experiential educational opportunities in the heart of our city related to nature, regenerative agriculture, healthy food, nourishing home life, and community-building to people of all ages. We cultivate meaningful connections between people, true appreciation for the natural world, and ethical stewardship of the land. We strive to demonstrate, educate, and inspire others to take on the important work of tending the earth

Why It Matters: We see a profound need for a reawakening to this way of life, not as a throwback to the past, but as a path into the future. It is crucial that our children grow up with renewed connection to the natural world from which we all come, and of which we all are an integral part. We call for the tending of land…not just to produce food, but to immerse the human being, body, mind and spirit, in working partnership with the natural world to provide for our human needs.  And we must recognize that our human needs are not limited to material inputs – just as important is the work itself, giving meaning and purpose to the human experience.


Our History: Founded in 2014, Dharma’s Garden is already well-established in the community, growing food and flowers for an on-site weekly market, offering a highly popular CSA program, and even supplying fresh produce to local restaurants. Each passing year has seen an increase in the number of classes, workshops, festivals, and other events that are held throughout the growing season. Likewise, more and more students and teachers regularly visit from the dozen schools in the area that are within walking distance. Dharma's Garden has already become a thriving center of social connection within our neighborhood. Up until now, all this has been accomplished on rented property, with virtually no starting capital, nearly all volunteer labor, and no long term security of tenure on the property.

Summary and Term Sheet

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