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A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

~ Help us protect one of the most unique parcels of land in Boulder ~

Dharma's Garden is a mission-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit project that is agricultural in form, and social in function.  Using organic, biodynamic, and regenerative agricultural practices, our mission is to educate, demonstrate, and inspire others through meaningful, real life experiences on a farm.

We believe that for humanity to survive and thrive on this earth, we must re-discover our foundational connection to each other, and to the natural world that sustains us all.  We must bring that connection back into the very heart and center of our towns and cities.  And for any lasting, meaningful change to occur, we must start right here, in our own back yards, in our own neighborhoods.

High-Res Aerial Photo June 2018.jpg

This five-acre parcel of unincorporated county land has the best elements of a rural agricultural property, with all the advantages of being surrounded by city.  We envision this land as a living homestead in the heart of our city, demonstrating a way of living in sustainable connection to the natural world, protected from encroaching development, and held by a nonprofit in perpetuity for future generations. The homestead spans both worlds, the wild and the cultivated, and serves as a bridge between the two, balancing the needs of both.

This living homestead is also a social center, connecting people with one another, while also fostering a genuine connection with the natural world.

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