DAHLIA potted tuber - Edge of Joy

DAHLIA potted tuber - Edge of Joy


(tuber in pot with soil, not yet sprouting) 

Create a butterfly garden or summertime display with striking color, amazing style and plentiful blooms with Edge of Joy. This new decorative dahlia type bears a riot of bold, single to semi-double dahlias that effectively attract tons of beneficial pollinators to seasonal borders and mixed garden beds. The 3½-4" icy white flowers feature a bright purple edge along each petal that radiates out from the vivid yellow-orange center. Gardening customers will love the ease of growth; landscaping clients are sure to appreciate the joyful color. Lift in fall in zones 3-8.

(above description from Dutchbulbs.com)

  • Planting tips

    Botanical Name : Dahlia 'Edge of Joy' Ship As : Bare Root Size : NO.1 Lift In Fall: 3-8 Suggested Uses: Borders, Bouquets, Cut Flowers, Showy Flowers, Deer Resistant, Attract Butterfly, Attract Pollinator Flower Color : Purple, White Flower Form : 4" single flowers Foliage Type : Pinnate leaves with ovate leaflets Mature Spread : 24 inches Spacing: 24 inches Growing Tips Planting Instructions : 2" deep and 24" apart Soil Moisture : Well drained Will Tolerate : Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil Pruning Instructions : You can remove the top of the plants when they are approx 4 to 5". This will get you a more compact pant with more stems. Winter Care : Dahlias are not hardy. Dig the tubers in fall and store in dry peatmoss in a cool, dry and frost free location. Dry tubers for a few days (preferably outside) before storing! Planting Depth :2" deep Watering Requirements :Average water needs. Water regularly, do not overwater Fertilization Requirements :Once per year in late spring to early summer Special Care :Not needed

    (info from Dutchbulbs.com)