MINI GLADIOLA bulbs - Blondie

MINI GLADIOLA bulbs - Blondie


(10 bulbs in a bag) 

These petite beauties are a spectacular addition to American gardens. This gladiolus is half the height of the old-fashioned glads, but still has super bright colors that stand out at a distance. Since Glaminis are so short and naturally sturdy, they don't need to be staked, making them perfect for mixed borders, annual beds, tropical gardens, and even containers. Give them plenty of sun, well-drained fertile soil, and plant a batch of bulbs every other week in early spring for continuous gorgeous blooms.

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  • Planting tips

    Botanical Name : Gladiolus 'Glamini Blondie®' Ship As : Bulb Size : 7-9 CM Lift In Fall: 3-7 Suggested Uses: Borders, Bouquets, Container Gardening, Cut Flowers, Showy Flowers, Deer Resistant Flower Color : White Flower Form : 3-31/2" florets carried along 1 side of the robust stems, 10-12 are open at a time. Foliage Type : Sword-shaped green leaves Mature Spread : 4 - 6 inches Spacing: 4 - 6 inches Growing Tips Planting Instructions : 4" deep and 4 - 6" apart Soil Moisture : Well drained Will Tolerate : Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil Pruning Instructions : Cut back spent flower stems. Winter Care : Lift in fall if you live in Zones 3-7 for winter storage. Replant the following spring after frosts are over. Planting Depth :4" deep Watering Requirements :Average water needs. Water regularly, do not overwater. Fertilization Requirements :Once per year Special Care :Not needed

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