LILY potted bulb - Bonbini

LILY potted bulb - Bonbini


(bulb in pot with soil, not yet sprouting) 

Fragrant, white blossoms with soft pink and chartreuse markings on strong stems are a welcoming sight. Oriental lilies are one of the most beautiful of all lilies and their fragrance permeates the garden air. These are the lilies that florists favor for summer bouquets and bridal centerpieces. Blooming later in the season than most other lilies, these exotic beauties are truly spectacular in color and flower size. Cold-hardy perennials, lilies come back year after year.

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  • Planting tips

    Botanical Name : Lilium 'Bonbini' Ship As : Bulb Size : 16-18 CM Suggested Uses: Borders, Bouquets, Cut Flowers, Perennializing, Showy Flowers, Attract Butterfly Flower Color : Pink, White Flower Form : 6-8" outward facing flower Foliage Type : Linear, glossy green leaves arranged in whorls or spirals up erect stems. Mature Spread : 12 - 18 inches Spacing: 12 - 18 inches Growing Tips Planting Instructions : 6" deep and 12 - 18" apart Soil Moisture : Prefers well drained soil, but will tolerate heavier soils. Will Tolerate : Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil Pruning Instructions : Don't remove leaves until they have died down in fall. They help provide nourishment to the bulb for next season's blooms. Winter Care : Provide a layer of mulch for winter protection. Remove in early spring. Planting Depth :6" deep Watering Requirements :Average water needs. Water regularly, do not overwater. Fertilization Requirements :Once per year Special Care :Not needed

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