PEONY bulb - Bella donna

PEONY bulb - Bella donna


(bulb in pot with soil, not yet sprouting)

We simply adore this bush peony variety for its unique coloration and habit. Your customers will love it for its unparalleled beauty and style. Peony Bella Donna produces wonderfully fragrant, 6" roselike blooms of pink in the later part of the growing season. As the flowers mature, they gradually soften to a paler shade of pink. Some blooms will develop eye-catching carmine-red edges that will give them a stylish picotee look. The plants grow to 37-38" tall—ideal for borders, feature beds and as yard dividers. Plant in groups in full sun for best results.

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  • Planting tips

    Botanical Name : Paeonia lactiflora 'Bella Donna' Ship As : Bare Root Size : 2-3 EYE Suggested Uses: Borders, Bouquets, Cut Flowers, Perennializing, Showy Flowers, Deer Resistant Flower Color : Pink, White Flower Form : Rose type (double), approx. 6" in diameter. Foliage Type : Green foliage is divided into oval to lance-shaped segments. Mature Spread : 30 - 32 inches Spacing: 30 - 36 inches Growing Tips Planting Instructions : Dig a hole large enough to spread out roots without bending them. Set crown with buds 1" below ground-level. Water in thoroughly. Plant at least 6 weeks before ground freezes. Soil Moisture : Well-drained, deep, fertile soil Will Tolerate : Acidic Soil, Clay Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil Pruning Instructions : Remove spent flower stems after flowering to maintain an attractive bush type perennial all summer long. Winter Care : None, except to mulch the first winter. Remove in early spring before growth starts. Planting Depth :Set crown with buds 1" below ground-level. Watering Requirements :Do not let the soil dry out. Average water needs. Water regularly, do not overwater Fertilization Requirements :Once or twice a year. Best in spring and summer. Peonies like fertile soil. Special Care :Not needed(above info from