Live Cooking Demo: Fava Beans and More

Jess doing her cooking demo

It was festive morning at the Little Garden Stand. Dharma's Garden member, Jess, put on an outstanding outdoor cooking demonstration. Using fava beans, snow peas, garlic scapes, celery, and fresh herbs from the garden she created a simple but delicious culinary delight.

Fava Bean Salad

Members took a moment from their shopping to enjoy the freshly toasted baguettes drizzled with olive oil, spread with creamy burrata cheese and a mixture of warm fava bean salad. It was a lively celebration of friends, fresh food, and sunshine.

Enjoying the cooking demo

Farmer Tim and Kerry got a chance to sit down for a moment and enjoy a sample. Fava Beans were surely this week’s favorite item after the live cooking demo and sampling.

The Little Garden Stand

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