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Simple Treasures

There is no better example of community than Dharma's Garden. This morning, the Little Garden Stand was as vibrant and busy as ever. The flowers—gladiolas as the centerpiece of bouquets—were outrageously stunning. I mean, take your breath away stunning.

The Little Garden Stand had a constant flow of visitors. Jess was cooking herb risotto. Everyone was enjoying steaming plates of fresh risotto and herbal iced tea made with fresh-picked mint, nettle, and lemon verbena. Jess had brought baskets of warm homemade strawberry and blueberry muffins which the little ones gobbled up between visits to the ducks.

But it wasn’t so much the what, as it was the feeling of the morning. Sitting around, chatting, laughing, smiling, reveling in the beauty of the land and each other’s company.