The seasons have changed. You can feel it in the crispness of the morning air, the blue of the sky, and the orange of the sunrise. I love the month of September. The still warm days and the cool evenings. The flowers and produce abundant, swelling over, the golden tips of fall brushed leaves and the crunch of fresh picked apples.

The flowers bouquets were rich with gladiolas and sunflowers, hearty and warm, in bright colors reminiscent of a sunset. The purple stanza flowers, so deep and glowing, you felt cooled and invigorated just by looking at them.

Tomatillos and cucumbers were a hit at the Little Garden Stand. Farmer Tim produced a delicious tomatillo salsa with a tint of sweetness from fall peaches. Jess had baked a still-warm batch of banana and blueberry muffins and was working on a bowl of Asian inspired cucumber salad, rich with crushed garlic mixed with rice-vinegar, soy sauce, sesame oil, and topped with sesame seeds.

As I traversed along the gardens pathways, I was riveted by a bed of nasturtiums. The edible flowers gleaming in the sun like amber jewels. The young apple tree growing in the center of their bed already laden with rosy apples.

Some of my favorite treasures of the season were starting to show themselves in the sprawling pumpkin patch. This year, the pumpkin patch was winding over a trellis and the ripe orange vegetables were hanging heavy, already voluptuous.

I often marvel at the beauty of nature. Of a bed of onions, or a bouquet of flowers, of nature’s incredible bounty.

The resplendent generosity of the earth and of divine intelligence. We are so fortunate to have this special community, this garden of magic, and Tim and Kerry Francis who followed their Dharma to bring us all together.

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