Painting with Petals and the Power of Desire

I wanted to share a story about what you put your attention on grows in your awareness and the power of desire.

I have loved flowers ever since I can remember. There were many moments in life that I thought about how lovely it would be to work with and around flowers, but I wasn't sure how that was ever going to happen.

On a completely separate note, I’ve been driving past Dharma's Garden for as long as I can remember. and long before it was Dharma's. I always wondered who owned that beautiful swath of land with the acres of tall green grass. When the garden did emerge several years ago, every time I passed by I would think "wouldn't it be great to meet the people that lived there and to visit that farm."

For twenty years, I harbored both of these desires.

Then two years ago my daughter Grace and I visited the magical little school next to Dharma's Garden. We were introduced to Grace's new teacher, Kerry Francis, who just happened to live next door on Dharma's Garden and manage, with her husband, the dream like farm that I'd thought about and driven by thousands of times.

I become good friends with Kerry and Farmer Tim. Kerry was like a long-lost friend, she was a kindred spirit, you just know when you meet someone like that. She said to me "come harvest flowers and make flower bouquets on Saturday mornings." And so I did, and the dream that started so many years ago as a day dream, a passing thought, a fleeting desire, came true.

The first time I walked onto the land it was a ripe fall day, it was like stepping into a fairy tale. Black berry brambles sprawled, strawberry’s peeking out, rows of gladiolas and bright colorful flowers, a duck pond, plump orange pumpkins cascading through the vines, heavily laden apple trees, bright orange nasturtiums, row after row of flowers and produce, it was heavenly.

I found myself jumping out of bed every Saturday morning with more energy than I'd had all week. I would kiss my husband and daughter and drive to the farm and wade into the deep rows where I'm sure flower fairies lived. The colors were almost blinding, the flowers almost didn't look real they were that beautiful. We picked buckets of flowers and created magnificent bouquets of flowers. It was like painting with petals.

One of the first times I went Farmer Tim gave us a flower bouquet making lesson. He explained "that when you see a flower leaning outwards, its natural to want to put it facing out of the bouquet, but really the art was turning the flower around and leaning it into the bouquet." This created stunning professional bouquets as counter intuitive as it sounded. I also found it was an excellent life lesson: leaning in when you wanted to lean out, leaning in when something hurt and you'd rather run, leaning in when something felt good, just leaning into life.

I’ve learned many valuable lessons making flower bouquets, but most importantly that to be careful what you wish for. You don't have to be in a state of despair or give everything up for your desires to be fulfilled. I believe that what you put your attention on grows in your awareness, that timing is everything, and that it may take twenty years or longer, but the universe will support you. And in the end all your desires will eventually come true!

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