New sprouts bring new hope

September seems like an eternity ago, and yet, under the ground, hidden beneath a bed of straw, seeds are waking. Great hope lives within each seed.

Prepping the bed to be planted with garlic with the "grelinette", or broad fork, one of Farmer Tim's favourite tool. "The broadfork is an essential and appropriate tool for the market garden given that it allows deep tillage of the soil while preserving the topsoil structures. " - Jean-Martin Fortier, The Market Gardener

After working the soil, pulling out weeds and mixing in compost, we began to plant. With the help of our work trade farmers and volunteers, we planted Elephant, Chinese Pink Turban, Metechi, Music, Russian giant, Duganski and Cheshok Red. Big smiles were shared when the long row was completed!

After laying out the cloves, we buried and sent wishes of a long cold winter to cure them deep down beneath the soil. Between each clove we nestled a fava bean we had saved earlier in the summer. Lastly, we covered our precious seeds with straw to protect the soil from the harsh winter winds.

Hopefully anticipating the courageous garlic sprouts to emerge!

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