Saving Dharma's Garden: Why I Care

I met Tim and Kerry in 2014 when they took dance lessons from me in preparation for their wedding. They invited me to a pre-wedding celebration gathering they were having with friends, and I went. I’ve worked with hundreds of couples, and there are always a few each year I click with. Many have said, “lets get together!”. Tim and Kerry are the ONLY ones who actually invited me to anything, and with whom a lasting friendship has grown. One in a hundred - or two in hundreds - that’s Tim and Kerry. I have watched their garden grow - literally - from a dream to a small farm stand, to an abundant plot of land and large farm stand that is always bustling. I have been to pizza parties on their land, have sipped tea at their table, taught dance lessons on their grass, and pulled weeds in the vegetable beds. Their food has sustained me many summers; their feet have stepped to the beat in my dance classes many winters. When I was pregnant, it was their food that nourished my body and fed my baby. What delicious food it is! They grow the BEST tasting vegetables. We have been in an exchange of nourishment (body and soul), joy, sweat, laughter, stories, and learning in food, farming, and dancing. I have brought friends to their farm and they have brought friends to my studio - though they are most certainly the more generous ones in their patronage, enthusiasm, consistency and reliability. While “Save the Farm" is the message, it is the people behind the farm that I know, love, and support. Tim and Kerry are among the most generous, intentional people I know. They are full of integrity and warmth; they are truly committed to, skilled, and gifted in building community. With all the talk about the importance of community - it is on their land and in their home where it’s really happening. When I walk on that farm my entire body relaxes. My spirit sings. I’m invited to pick black raspberries practically bursting off the vine and trim a few extra gladiolus from the rows and rows of perfect stems. I’m often sent home with a bunch of herbs or bouquet of flowers - “Do you want some celery? How about some basil? I’ll go cut some for you right now.” From what I have seen, felt, and know, it is a strong, genuine commitment to what really matters in this world (and to saving ourselves) that has created what is Dharma’s Garden: good clean food, trusted relationships, intergenerational interactions, family, education, and last, but not least - love and care for Nature.

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