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The Noble Act of Tending The Earth

It's EARTH DAY — a day to remind ourselves that we are truly blessed to be alive on this incredibly special planet: a pale blue dot in an endless black sea illumined by innumerable stars. A planet that is more welcoming and forgiving than we could have ever hoped for, and yet more fragile and delicate than we could have ever imagined. And here we are, the human inhabitants of that planet, not separate from this Earth but born out of it, a part of it. At times—and seemingly too often, especially of late—forgetting our place in it all, pretending as if we are separate and superior to the natural world while simultaneously being so wholly dependent on it.

There is no need to search for Eden. Step back just a little and look: here is a garden paradise, all around us. Surely the Earth is a garden and we its gardeners. Surely humanity’s rightful place is not one of conquerer and consumer, but that of humble steward. Let’s start acting the part. Let’s start right here in our own neighborhoods and back yards. Let’s get back to our roots and start tending the land as we once did. Let’s do it better this time. Let’s cultivate the Earth, nourish ourselves, and leave room for the wildness too. Let’s connect with each other through seed and soil and harvest and remember what is real, and that we’re all in this together.

There couldn’t be a better time than right now.