Student Internship Program



For 2015, we will be offering a limited number of “paying” internships to students in grades 9 through 12. This is a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on farm and garden experience while also learning valuable life skills and earning a little money in the process.


Learning & Earning:

  • Parents “pay in” to their child’s internship at a fixed amount of $320 per bloc.

  • Students have the opportunity to earn back this entire amount with an $8 hourly wage if they complete all 40 hours of the 8-week internship.

  • Interns will be learning lessons as much in work ethic, finance, and teamwork, as in biology, ecology, and biodynamic agriculture.


Internship Commitment:

  • Interns commit to working 40 hours over an 8-week period, alongside an instructor.

  • Interns commit to one or more of the following 8-week blocs:
    spring bloc: April 20 to June 13
    summer bloc: June 22 to August 15
    fall bloc: August 24 to October 17


Internship Details:

  • Interns will be working directly on the farm, and farm work is hard work! Hours can be completed any time within the bloc, flexible around student’s schedule

  • Each bloc will have a particular focus, based on the season.
    Examples may include: seed planting, transplanting, soil fertility, crop rotation and planning, bed preparation, plant identification, biodynamic sprays, compost preparation, plant identification, beekeeping, worm composting, harvesting, seed processing, and biodynamic basics.

  • A limited number of internship positions are available each bloc; students must attend a farm orientation before being accepted.


For more information or to apply, contact: