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All upcoming events sponsored by Dharma's Garden

Through an outpouring of support from over 600 families in our community, our nonprofit was able to purchase the land where Dharma's Garden has operated for the last seven years, narrowly saving this farm from being lost forever!

One of our supporters, Sarah Beasley, wrote a nice article about it here:
Cultivating Wild: The Miracle of Dharma’s Garden!


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...But our work is not over yet...

Part of the funds that we raised is in the form of low-interest bridge loans from a few individuals and families who really wanted to help us succeed. In order to pay back these loans so that the nonprofit can own the land free and clear, we still have nearly $2 million to raise. In addition to the land acquisition, there are substantial costs associated with the ongoing operation of the nonprofit and its signature farm project.

In short, we still need your help!

Please consider making a donation today — you can donate directly (online or offline), donate through a donor advised fund, donate stocks or bonds, or even give in other ways.


Help strengthen your local community by supporting a homegrown initiative right here in North Boulder!

  • Donate stocks
    Receive a tax deduction for the full value of your donated stock and pay no capital gains taxes on the appreciated value. Send us an email to and we will help you set it up!


  • Get your employer to match your donation
    Many employers already offer to match donations, just ask!

  • Shop through Amazon Smile
    Go to and choose "Four Kingdoms Council" as the charity you support (that's our parent nonprofit). Every time you buy through Amazon Smile, Dharma's Garden receives a little donation in return. This really adds up!

  • Challenge a friend to match your donation
    Or even better, ask several. Power in numbers!


  • Create a GoFundMe campaign
    You can link to our charity here:

  • Start a fundraiser on Instagram
    You can invite others to join you in raising funds for Dharma's Garden! Just "add fundraiser" when you make a new post (full instructions here). Then choose "dharmasgarden" as the recipient of your fundraiser!link to our charity here:

  • Promote giving through your Facebook page
    You can start a fundraiser on behalf of Dharma's Garden here:

  • Volunteer your time
    There's always lots to do! Not just farm work, but also event help, community outreach, bookkeeping, graphic design, etc. Maybe you'd even like to join a committee! Send us an email at and tell us a little about yourself, including your interests and availability.


  • Connect us to a foundation
    If you have a family foundation, or are otherwise connected to an organization that you think would support our cause, please introduce us! You can pass along our phone number (720) 893-0452 and/or email address ... or CC us on an email to your contact at the organization.

More Info

Dharma's Garden is a mission-driven 501(c)(3) nonprofit project

that is agricultural in form, and social in function. 

Using organic, biodynamic, and regenerative agricultural practices,

our mission is to educate, demonstrate, and inspire others

to take up the noble work of tending the earth.

We are a project OF the community, BY the community, and FOR the community.

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