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“I'm enjoying the vegetable pickup each Saturday and the frenzy of cooking that follows as I try to make sure every last piece of vegetable is eaten or preserved.You have deepened my interest in how to live locally and seasonally and I am eager to learn more. I've only volunteered once so far - this past Friday I helped pick the harvest. It was the perfect antidote to a stressful week of work at a computer.”

    ~Carolyn Moreau, Boulder

“So many sweet memories on that land. We’ve watched our children grow up straight and strong in that field. Our bodies and hearts have been nourished through this project and the food and community you’ve created. To have a pocket of wild and growing land in the neighborhood has anchored the area with something real and it rare and precious in these times. Thank you for putting your whole hearts into the land and into all of us. “

    ~Paulette Erickson, Boulder

“Our family lives one block from Dharma's Garden. This is our first year with a vegetable and flower share. The vegetable share provides sufficient vegetables for our daily dinners for the entire week. Having local access to foods enables us to eat with a significantly lower carbon footprint. The flower share always brings joy to our hearts. The flowers from Dharma's Garden are displayed all over our home. We also rely on the duck eggs from Dharma's Garden for most of our breakfasts and for our summer baking needs. In fact we have a bunch of frozen duck egg burritos in our freezer.
    ~Anie K. Roche, Boulder

“I personally enjoy volunteering on the farm. It helps me de-stress from a long day of work. Dharma's Garden is the perfect place to find some quiet time, but at the same time develop bonds with members of the community. I love my time volunteering at Dharma's Garden - during this time I have made new friends, had long conversations about sustainable farming, shared recipes for the vegetables and herbs in season, and learnt a lot about growing your own food.”

    ~Anie K. Roche, Boulder

“Dharma's Garden is a great place for children to understand where their food comes from. My son learnt how potatoes are grown. He also now sees how hard it is to grow his daily dinner and we all make a conscious effort to not waste food.”

    ~Anie K. Roche, Boulder
“My name is Nadia and I was allowed to be part of this wonderful project. I felt highly inspired by Kerry and Tim's lifestyle. It is great to put the hands into earth and see what is growing. And especially to taste what you've grown. You cannot compare to the products out of a store. Not to mention how much healthier some fresh biologically grown vegetables are. I wish that everyone would again appreciate food more. We're made of what we consume.”

    ~Nadia Krebs, Germany

“Thanks to Kerry and Tim and their project to feed even more people then just themselves with wonderful and delicious vegetables!”

    ~Nadia Krebs, Germany

“I have been brining my Kindergarten class children for daily morning walks on the land around Dharma’s Garden for the past few years. To witness what is happening each day on a working farm—to witness the frosty icy covered open space during winter time, the frozen duckpond and tracks to follow in the snow and only the evergreens alive; to the excitement of spring time when we see the farmers out in the field working and the tiny green plants slowly waking up, birds occupying nests, and baby ducklings; to the abundance of summertime with overflowing gardens, busy farmers, full farmstands, shade-seeking; to fall time when we watch the abundant last harvests come in, so much apple eating and the land begin to turn golden and the quiet of the first frost—this witnessing leaves the children with a better sense of the seasons, the land around them and therefore, their place in the world. It is the most important activity that we do with the children.”

    ~Liz Kriso, Boulder

“Dharma's garden is a true gem in Boulder. Tim and Kerry do all of their work tending to the land, farm and their community with so much heart and care. We love having a farm share with Dharma's Garden. The produce is wonderful, and we love their farm-share model, selecting the food we need on weekends that work for us. It is so important to keep up organic, heirloom, native gardening and food cultivation in our local communities! Tim and Kerry offer so much through workshops, community gatherings, and creating healthy food. We are so grateful for them and their work in Boulder.”

    ~Elizabeth Astor, Boulder

“We’re outdoors all the time. We plant. It’s a big community. We’re always meeting new people.”

    ~Anie England (10), Boulder
“We’ve learned the process of how we get our food and how much work it is. It makes me feel that there are so many hard workers out there and that we shouldn’t take it for granted.”

    ~Mason England (13), Boulder

“It’s a place we love full of love and laughing and community.  These are our favorite memories: work days, movie night, lantern walks, Christmas caroling, farm share days, weeding, dinners, farm camp, ducks, dogs, capture the flag, birthday parties, pizza parties, dirt, flowers, memories, swings, birdbanding, archery, bees, weddings, lemonade, owl nests, hot afternoons and getting hosed down, birdhouses, seeds, laughing, Farmer For a Day.”

    ~Anie England (10) and Mason England (13), Boulder

“For the last few years, I have been a member of the Dharma's garden CSA, as well as an enthusiastic volunteer in the garden.  The experience has been so positive that I keep going back! I've learned a lot about gardening, for sure! And, I've also learned a lot about patience, hard work, community, and local food production. Tim and Kerry are so wonderful to be around and I love what they are doing at Dharma's Garden!  If you haven't checked it out, you should!!”

    ~Sola DiDomenico, Boulder

“Every Saturday I look forward to the heart-stoppingly beautiful dahlias and bouquets, the pungent basils, the delicious treats and the artfully arranged vegetables at Dharma’s Garden farmstand. But even more importantly, Dharma’s Garden has created community, both within our little neighborhood and greater north Boulder. We see old friends and make new friends, chat, catch up, learn about each other’s lives, figure out how to cook that rutabaga or celeriac or other mysterious vegetable—Dharma’s Garden offers us the chance to nourish our bodies and our spirits by bringing us together. I feel so grateful and so lucky to be part of this urban farm family.”

    ~Barbralu Cohen, Boulder

“Dharma’s Garden is truly one of the most deeply inspiring and joyful parts of our year. Our family is so grateful for the beauty, nourishment and community Tim and Kerry create through the farm and flower shares. The quality of the veggies and flowers, the cooking demonstrations and the community involvement opportunities are such a gift and so needed to keep families grounded in these increasingly technological times. We are going to continue our support and involvement. Thank you.”

    ~Erin Ross, Boulder

“The sense of community around food at Dharma’s garden is palpable. It is a joy to visit on Saturday mornings and commune in the glory and rich array of vegetables and flowers. It’s always a lovely mix of kids, dogs, food, neighbors – Picking up food for the week is a pleasure. I feel blessed to be able to support this kind of ultimate local farming—a 10 minute walk from my house.  We need literally hundreds of individual Dharma’s Gardens in Boulder County and our county would be a better place. Let’s start ripping up parking lots and making more farms now :)”

    ~Nancy Paranka, Boulder

“I learned about Dharma’s Garden in the spring of 2018 after attending a “Farmer for a Day” event for one of my college classes that focused on food systems. Crouched across from Kerry, planting basil, I looked at the soil caked underneath my fingernails and realized it was the first time since I was a kid that I had truly felt earth on my bare hands. I didn’t wash my hands that day, despite having a long list of errands to run, because the stains that settled in the cracks of my palms and the leathery finish of the dirt were markers of this newfound pride and purpose. That night, I submitted an application for their summer internship program. I am so unspeakably grateful for the work I got to partake in that summer and to this present day. I am still riding the high of planting that first basil start every time I step foot in the garden, but my love for this land has grown because of the people that tend to it. Among the dahlias, carrots, and blackberries is an abundance of intergenerational wisdom, laughter, and healing being shared.”

    ~Madaline Nall, Boulder

“Dharma’s Garden stands as the paradigm for cultivating community, but it is so much bigger than the Saturday morning gathering at the farm stand or the Friday night harvest or the pizza party or the pollinator classes or the seed-saving workshops or the outdoor movie nights etc. It exemplifies the impact of sustainable farming that focuses on inclusivity and collectivity, ultimately disrupting conventional food chains.”

    ~Madaline Nall, Boulder

“I so appreciate having Dharma's Garden in my neighborhood... within walking distance! Knowing the food and flowers are grown consciously, organically and biodynamically is a huge plus too. All this at a time when it seems much of the world is "going to hell in a hanging basket", as my daughter used to say as a teen. Every little (or big!) positive step is important!!! Thanks for doing this and being who you are…”

    ~Ginny Bell-Demos, Boulder

“Dharma's garden is an invaluable resource to the North Boulder neighborhood.  It has had the most impact on my life through the children I work with at the neighboring school.  They take daily walks to see the ducks as they swim in their pond, they play in the apple trees, and climb over giant piles of mulch.  It brings us all great joy to experience a working farm!  Dharma's garden is also a center of community for me.  It is a place to meet my neighbors, when volunteering on the farm, or to gather for celebrations in the special times of year.  Through the workshops which Dharma's Garden has sponsored, I found a deepening love and interest in working with edible plants and was introduced to seed saving.  Not to mention the outstanding bouquets of flowers sold at the farm stand!  I am so thankful for this beauty and bounty in our neighborhood!”

    ~Katherine Saatjian, Boulder

“We have been a part of the Dharma’s Garden community for about 2 years. I volunteer in the garden and at the garden stand on Saturday’s and it has meant so much to me. We were new to the neighborhood when we started and it has been such a community builder for us. I know so many of my neighbors that I otherwise would have not met. We exchange recipes, stories and many laughs and share the experience of working in the garden together. My daughter who is now 3.5 is always with me at the farm and it’s such a wonderful experience for her to plant seeds, transfer seedlings into the garden, weed and watch them grow and then harvest them and wash them and cook with them at home and at the garden stand on Saturday mornings. It’s so wonderful for her to witness and be a part of every step of this process. I love the relationship we have both formed with the earth and these plants. I have learned so much from Tim and Kerry. It has really given me a sense of belonging and purpose in my community.”

    ~Jess Reilly, Boulder



Feedback from Classes:

“It really was great!! So glad you are farmers!!, and my neighbors, and my friends :) Well done!”

    ~Angie Giustina, Boulder
“Thanks for the seed workshop.  Quite a nice way to spend a Saturday morning plus I learned a few new things too!”

    ~Christopher Sassano, Boulder

“Thank you to you and Kerry for the wonderful Seed Saving workshop on Saturday. It was my 64th birthday, a wonderful way to celebrate and look into the future.”

    ~Cynthia Hutchison, Boulder

“Thank you to Tim, Jared and Rich for inspiring and educating me/us last Saturday. Although I’ve belonged to a biodynamic CSA in the past and have three daughters who are or were organic farmers, my personal experience with gardening is minimal. Now I’m full of enthusiasm to learn and be a part of the Seed-Saving movement so needed in the world. I hope to attend all the educational events you are creating. Thank you again.”

    ~Cynthia Hutchison, Boulder

“I attended the Seed Saving Workshop you organized last fall after seeing the notice on the NextDoor App. I know it sounds like a cliche, but this was kind of a life changing moment for me. I'd been struggling with the stress and anxiety of the modern age, with too much time spent in the digital world and feeling disconnected from my community and from nature. The moment when we danced on the wheat to thresh it and separate the chaff was a moment when I felt deeply connected to everything I'd been missing: the environment and my community. Humans have been joining together for the harvest and seed saving for over 10 thousand years, yet we've forgotten that in the modern world. It's hard to find words to express the joy I felt as I danced on the wheat. It felt utterly right, like this is where I come from and where I need to return to.”

    ~Carolyn Moreau, Boulder

“We loved the workshop, and we're looking forward to the next one!”

    ~Kevin Brown, Boulder

“The class was spectacular and you became a much larger member of our community because of it. I can't thank you enough for giving Rich a platform from which to teach. He is so wonderful”

    ~Dariel Blackburn, Boulder

“I made a chickadee nesting box in your workshop and brought it home to hang in my garden. This isn't something I would have done on my own, but I thoroughly enjoyed making something with my hands. A couple of months later I was delighted to observe chickadees building a nest in the box and raising young. This experience brought me closer to my local environment and was deeply calming. I enjoyed talking about my nesting chickadees with friends and work colleagues. The experience has inspired me to start thinking about landscaping my garden as backyard habitat to provide a refuge to more birds and insects.”

    ~Carolyn Moreau, Boulder

“Attending the native pollinator workshop you organized has enriched my hikes as I no longer look at bees as just one insect. It taught me to look more closely at the differences between the bees and observe the plants they are feeding on. Again, this has brought me closer to nature and enriched my life."

    ~Carolyn Moreau, Boulder


Feedback from Spring Fair:

“It was wonderful community gathering. I learned a lot from the seminars in the morning and was delighted with wonderful food for lunch. My children loved the arts and crafts projects. I love having a community garden learning center that I can walk to in my neighborhood.”

    ~Seneca Murley
“I had such a good time at this event. It was cool to meet new people in the neighborhood and have fun with friends I already knew. The activities were so engaging, creative and open to all ages. The food and hospitality was really great! Thank you for having such a lovely event in your own backyard.”

    ~Rachel M, Boulder
“What a gift to our community the Spring Fair was!  Our young daughters got their hands dirty making beautiful art projects out of soil, rocks, and plants, guided with care by wonderful instructors who provided lessons about nature during the creative process. Meanwhile, our whole family got to spend an afternoon outdoors with neighborhood friends and making new friends. We walked home feeling so fortunate to live in this remarkable city and have experiences like the one we had at Dharma’s Garden!”

    ~Matt Haies, Boulder
“This was such a beautiful community event! Thank you so much for hosting and organizing it! My daughter and I had a wonderful time connecting with the land and our local community through nourishing food, nature-based crafts, and the seed swap. My daughter made a beautiful seed mosaic and fairy garden that now adorn our home, and we had a wonderful time connecting with the other families and also the teachers from our local kindergarten. Thank you so much for a wonderful afternoon celebrating springtime, community, and nature together!”

    ~Meghan Machado, Boulder
“Thanks for organizing the Spring Fair. It was a very well put together event with something for almost everyone in the neighborhood. I particularly enjoyed the workshop on how to plant a backyard seed garden. I took home a compost kit and hope to make compost with my kitchen scraps for my home garden.”

    ~Anie Roche, Boulder
“A great way to introduce some outdoor related skills to children as well as connect members of the community and their families. So fun.”

    ~Natalie Mckechnie, Boulder



Feedback from Floral Design:

“I cannot say enough about how wonderful the flowers Dharma's Garden put together were for our big day! They were everything I had imagined, and they really helped to tie all of the colors together. I wanted bright, happy flowers, and you guys really delivered. Thank you so much again for helping to make our wedding picture perfect and for working within our budget. We appreciated the note that came with the flowers, along with the extra options to choose from for the groom. Thanks for also going along with my sunflower boutonniere idea - it was perfect. 10/10 stars, and I would highly recommend you guys to anyone looking for wedding flowers! Thank you again.”

    ~Brittanie Wagnon

“What a pleasure to work with Tim and Kerry, they were professional and they took great care.  Our flowers were BEAUTIFUL!”

    ~Jill Emich, Boulder

“Thank you so much to you and Kerry. The flowers looked so beautiful and the whole barn smelled like lilacs. It was so special to my nieces to wear the headpieces and my mom wore one too. It really made it and I can't thank you enough. It was obvious how much love was out into them.”

    ~Jill Emich, Boulder

Personal Letters:

“The past year for me has been very hard, and a friend recommended to come harvest because of how much it made her feel at peace. The moment I visited the garden I immediately felt that peace too. It means so much that I got to find that in a time of hardship in my life, and I have y'alls immense warmth and kindness to thank for that. I hope that I can see you all again and soon.”

    ~Alice Phipps, Boulder

“I wanted to let you all know that as I was reflecting on my time the past few months I realized that part of my journey was in discovering how people live meaningful and ethical lives, while also trying to figure out what that looks like for myself. I wanted you both to know that I am so inspired by your courage to be part of the mess that is our world rather than running away from it’s problems (which is so easy to do). I’ve found for myself that trying to bring some goodness in the middle of all the crazy is the harder and most important thing to do and I’m seeing that so many people who try to do good are still not able to do it in that way! I know that you’ll continue to spread love and light and goodness to the community around you! Thank you so much for helping me to see what it looks like to be meaningfully and lovingly entrenched in our messy world”

    ~Miriam Goldstein,


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